Pentecostal prayers

PRAYERS: Pentecostal prayers.
May 29, 2023/by Andrew Collis

Wisdom blessing

PRAYERS: The blessing of Holy Wisdom be upon you to inspire ...
May 6, 2023/by Andrew Collis

A toast to Pamela

NEWS: A toast to Pamela Briggs on the occasion of her 95th birthday.
April 24, 2023/by Andrew Collis

Litany of contradictory things

PRAYERS: Disciples prone to boasts and betrayals: let them grow together ...
April 19, 2023/by Andrew Collis

Prayer for SSUC

PRAYERS: Thanks to Dorothy for leading this prayer at our congregational meeting on April 16.
April 16, 2023/by Andrew Collis

Holy Week and Easter services

NEWS: All welcome for services in Holy Week and throughout the Easter season.
April 4, 2023/by Andrew Collis

Ash Wednesday services – February 22

NEWS: Services for Ash Wednesday will be held in the church on February 22, at 8am and 5pm. All welcome.
February 19, 2023/by Andrew Collis

Prayer flags and cards

PRAYERS: Thanks to Anne for leading this activity at our most recent congregational meeting. 
November 29, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Benedictions – Liturgy Resource

PRAYERS: The following benedictions were written for SSUC – Liturgy Resource group, 2022.
October 16, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Benedictions – Ordinary Time

PRAYERS: The following benedictions were written for SSUC – Ordinary Time, Year C, 2022.
October 11, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Benedictions – Season of Creation

PRAYERS: The following benedictions were written for SSUC – Season of Creation 2022.
September 1, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Prayers of intercession

PRAYERS: Prayers of intercession by Miriam, Jane and Andrew, Liturgy Resource Group, SSUC.
July 26, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Benedictions – congregation-community-garden

PRAYERS: The following benedictions were written for SSUC – congregation-community-garden.
June 28, 2022/by Andrew Collis

‘As you come and go …’

PRAYERS: The following calls to worship and dismissals were written by Jane, Andrew, Miriam and Chris as part of a Liturgy Resource activity.
June 17, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Prayer for Mother’s Day

PRAYERS: We offer prayers of thanks and love for our mothers ...
May 11, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Prayer cards

PRAYERS: Thanks to Sini, James, Netta and Jacquie (and Andy!) for creating diverse and colourful prayer cards.
April 19, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Worship services in Holy Week

NEWS: Our services in Holy Week commemorate Jesus’ last days in Jerusalem – from Palm Sunday to Holy Thursday, the crucifixion on Good Friday, the silence of Holy Saturday.
April 5, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Benedictions – inclusivity, care, creativity, justice

PRAYERS: Based on mission themes/strengths identified by the Synod’s Mission Enablement Team.
March 21, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Benedictions – inspired by Scriptures

PRAYERS: The following benedictions are inspired by Bible readings.
February 27, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Taizé 2022 Pilgrimage of Trust

NEWS: Taizé 2022 Pilgrimage of Trust comprises a week of events in various locations in NSW. The theme is ‘Becoming Creators of Unity’.
February 27, 2022/by Andrew Collis
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