Image: Print by Catherine Skipper, 2023.

Intercessory prayers

Extraordinary, ordinary God of diversity
beyond containment,
Mystery expressed in the particulars
and messiness of everyday lives.

Your ways are found in the simple rhythms
of birth, growth, stability, decline and death.

We pray for generosity and care
in all our giving and receiving.

Nudge us to embrace our ordinariness.
Embolden us to offer our unique gifts
for the needs of the world,
as we live into
our dependence on each other and the earth.

Save us from our visions of grandeur.
Free us from our fears of failure.

Silence for prayers … [using chat function and small candles]

For enthusiasm in apathy,
inspiration in despair,
healing in brokenness,
we give you thanks, O God,
encourager and enlivener. Amen.

(By Miriam, Alison and Akosita)

Wonderful Father-Mother,
We depend on your goodness.
You are the Way, Truth and Life.
Show us your grace
that we might become more like you.

We give thanks for your bountiful provisions
and past blessings.
We pray today for all those in need …

Silence for prayers … [using chat function and small candles]

We pray for the hungry, the homeless, the frightened,
those who have been rebellious and are coming back to you.

Give us eyes to see the beauty of all your Creation.
Give us hands for making and healing –
respectful, sensitive and creative.

Without you, we get it so wrong.
With you, we learn to love.

(By Jane and Andrew)