Image: Table setting for Pentecost 2023.

Pentecostal prayers


God of red flames and flowers,
red gums, red kangaroos
and red-crested cockatoos;
red love hearts and the Red Cross:
pour out your Spirit upon young and old,
large and small, right- and left-handed;
throw our borders into confusion
and give us a new language of love,
through Sīsū Kalaisi, Word of God.

By SSUC Liturgy Resource, 2020.


Loving God,
We value our faith traditions,
and histories of cooperation and reform.

Build our respect for the riches of tradition –
for prophets, teachers, leaders, elders.

We thank you for the gift of unity –
expressed in churches all over the world.
Help us to learn from one another,
and together seek depth in faith and mission.

Jesus, our companion,
shows us that grace is for all.
May all we say and do
embody your love for Creation.

The Word of God speaks anew to us
through the Scriptures.
We will read and ponder them,
that Wisdom may shape and challenge us.

Holy Communion strengthens us
and helps us to grow.
May we too become blessed and broken,
given in the name of love.

Your love inspires many gifts,
and all have a part in Christ’s ministry.

Help us to heed your call to serve
in freedom and responsibility.

Inspired by the Basis of Union, paras 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 16.
SSUC Liturgy Resource, 2018.