Image: Orthodox Icon of Holy Wisdom.

Wisdom blessings

Blessings by Andrew, 2023.

The blessing of Holy Wisdom
be upon you to inspire:

humble deeds;
a love of life and the living world;
the cherishing of all that is good;
a wisdom that takes advice;
a wisdom that welcomes others
and makes the most of opportunities;
conversation full of grace,
seasoned with salt …

May God bless you …+
now and always. Amen.

Based on James 3:13; Proverbs 13:10; 19:8;
Colossians 4:5-6.

May God cleanse your thoughts
of all that would demean others …

May God expand the scope of your compassion,
and challenge the boundaries you set
to charity and concern …

May God open your heart
to embrace those easily excluded and despised …

May God hear your cries
and release you from distress …

May Jesus praise your perseverance …

And may God bless you –
Holy Love, Holy Word, Holy Breath.

Based on Matthew 15:21-28.