Address: 56a Raglan St Waterloo NSW 2017
Postal address: PO Box 3288 Redfern NSW 2016
Phone: (02) 9319 1373


Rev. Andrew Collis

Office Bearers

Chairperson of Church Council: Heather Robinson
Secretary of Church Council: Melinda Kearns
Treasurer: Miriam Pepper

Chairperson of the Congregation: Cathie Harrison
Secretary of the Congregation: Anne Camac

Children’s Advocate: Anne Camac
Presbytery Representative: Lyn Turnbull

Administration Assistant: Alicia Dong


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Working Groups


The mission of the Arts working group is to foster artistic practice and to give people the opportunity and the space to explore and develop their own artistic interests whether as a group or individually.

Cultivating the arts fosters creativity and imagination, enriching our lives and deepening our awareness of the sacred. Our mission is not only to the arts but also to the Earth. Our artistic practice fosters observation of, and love for, the natural world, and inspires us to seek its protection and enhance its wellbeing.

Mirrung Garden

Our mission is to ensure that the community garden (on the church premises) is a safe, enjoyable place to garden. It is a garden that is open for all of us to share, experience and explore.

Mirrung Garden, on Gadigal land, is a place of community, food production, relaxation, retreat and contemplation. It is a place that is open for drop-ins, and a new connection point for members of the church and broader community. It promotes health and a healthy lifestyle, as well as ecologically conscious ideas around reducing and reusing materials, and reducing food wastage.


The Hospitality working group aims to help make space and time for church members and friends to meet regularly in a spirit of trust, friendship, enjoyment, nourishment and discovery.

The working group oversees social gatherings among members and friends of the congregation. Primarily, social events take place on the 5th Sunday of each month, following the morning service of worship. Events may include lunches, concerts, picnics, excursions. The group also makes recommendations to the church council and congregation regarding safety, accessibility, inclusion and hospitality – these may entail policy matters as well as theological, ecological and pastoral concerns.

Ministry Development

The role of the Ministry Development Working Group (MDWG) is to build the capacity of South Sydney Uniting Church for ministry.

The MDWG seeks to support existing ministries and to explore creative opportunities for mission in our local community and more broadly within and beyond the Uniting Church. Currently a small group, we collaborate on responses that can address emerging needs, interests and possibilities for our church.

Property and Finance

The role of the Property and Finance working group (PFWG) is to support the church council to meet its responsibilities concerning property and finances, in accordance with the regulations of the Uniting Church.

This includes supervision and use of the property, maintenance, and various financial responsibilities.

Safe Church

The role of the Safe Church working group is to support the church council, working groups, and all in ministry at SSUC to foster safe environments for ministry.

We have a Child Safe PolicySafe Church Policy and Work, Health & Safety Policy consistent with legislative requirements and the guidelines provided by the NSW/ACT Synod of the Uniting Church in Australia.

Child protection enquiries and other concerns for the safety of vulnerable people can be sent to the Minister, Chairperson of Church Council and/or the Children’s Advocate.

An Incident Report form is available here.

South Sydney Herald

The South Sydney Herald (SSH) is a monthly newspaper (print and online) featuring stories of relevance to local residents. The SSH relies on volunteer content editors, writers, visual artists/photographers and distributors. In line with the congregation’s Mission Statement and Mission Priorities, the SSH seeks to “develop relationships with others in the community”, to “listen closely for and to vulnerabilities, needs and strengths of people (especially those who face insecurity, isolation, ill health, poverty, prejudice or persecution), living things and the earth itself, and make [itself] available to respond, including through advocacy”, and to “amplify the voices of locals in struggles to nurture and protect our community and green spaces”.