We acknowledge the sovereign and unceded land and waters of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation.

We pay our respects to Elders past and present, and recognise the work of younger Indigenous leaders in the community.

We support the Uluru Statement from the Heart. There is no reconciliation without justice and the telling of truths hard to hear. There is much good work to do.


We are an ecumenical (open to many Christian traditions) and affirming congregation of the Uniting Church in Australia. The Eucharist is at the heart of our life together.

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We offer opportunities for community participation and service via the South Sydney Herald newspaper, the Orchard Gallery for artists, and partnership with local organisations.

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We grow flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables in Mirrung Garden, a safe place for refreshment, sustainable practice, education and contemplation – a collaborative work.

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our mission

We are a welcoming and diverse group of people from South Sydney and beyond.

We are open to God at work in the world. We seek to be a community of peace, justice, compassion and faithfulness.

We look for the Holy Spirit in all things and we strive to care for all creation.

With Christ, we dare to be honest in our lives and to explore difficult questions together. We are open to different points of view.

We share love, friendship, hospitality and hope with each other and with our neighbours, regardless of faith or sexuality.

We seek to overcome both exclusion and abuse.


Easter 3 | April 14, 2024
1 Peter 3:15; Mark 1:14-15; Mark 8:27-30
‘Mission in Mark: marks of mission’ (Tell)

The good news of God’s reign as told by Jesus in Mark’s gospel, as well as the stories we have told, are telling and might yet tell of God’s reign – kindom, love, justice, peace, hospitality, friendship … – among us …

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‘Dancing Triangles: giving shape to faith, hope and love’

PRESENTATION: Thinking in threes is usually a good idea, not least as a means of overcoming binary thinking. In trinitarian mode, thinking in threes is ever dynamic, inter-related, more like dancing in threes. Thinking and dancing in threes means creating space, giving shape to faith, hope and love.
April 18, 2024/by Andrew Collis

What’s on this week

NEWS: See what’s happening at SSUC this week ...
April 17, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘Mission in Mark: marks of mission’

HOMILY: I don’t know if you are anything like me but talk of the mission of the church makes me profoundly uneasy. I feel this uneasiness in my body. It feels unsafe. It feels like I might be walking into a trap ...
April 7, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘Whose hands?’

HOMILY: There are two types of resurrection icon. The Latin or Western tradition favours depiction of Christ’s exit from the tomb – images of Christ the Victor, soaring into the air, often carrying a banner or flag symbolising victory over the grave; soldiers and others cowering in fear and defeat below. Think El Greco or Rubens. Resurrection as rising away from others …
March 31, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘Failure redressed’

HOMILY: Back in chapter 14 of Mark’s gospel, an account of the arrest of Jesus in Gethsemane, we read: “Following Jesus was a youth wearing nothing but a linen cloth, whom [the authorities] also tried to arrest but who fled naked, leaving the cloth behind.” 
March 30, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘The Word of the Cross’

HOMILY: The Cross is ugly, terrible – an instrument of torture. It symbolises the frightening might of empire – as threat, weight, trauma. 
March 29, 2024/by Andrew Collis