Image: When Marc Chagall debuted a series of biblically inspired stained-glass windows at the Louvre in Paris and then at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan in 1961, these shows were only stopovers before the windows reached their permanent home on the campus of Hadassah’s new medical centre in Jerusalem.

Dedicated in Jerusalem on February 6, 1962, as part of Hadassah’s golden anniversary celebration, the windows have now been in place for 60 years.

Benedictions – Liturgy Resource

Benedictions by Abner, John, Catherine and Adrian – November 2022.

(Inspired by Psalm 17:1-9)

Resist those who seek to oppress
and manipulate us.

May God protect us
from injustice and exploitation,
and preserve us from physical harm
and slander.

May God bless us
and may our steps hold fast
to God’s path.

By Catherine and Adrian.

(Inspired by Psalm 98)

O sing to the Lord a new song.
Throw aside your inhibitions
and express your joy.
Think of others.

By Adrian.

(Inspired by Psalm 46)

May God be with you
in your deepest trouble.
May you know this.
May you feel the strength of blessing,
and know in your heart of hearts
God’s love, wisdom and constancy –
your firm anchor in life.

By Abner and John.