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NEWS: See what’s happening at SSUC this week ...
July 24, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘Touch and other double sensations’

HOMILY: Philosopher Richard Kearney describes the sense of touch as double sensation – touching and being touched – a figure for much else, including tact, vibrant relation, interpretation …
July 21, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘Bearing noble witness’

HOMILY: Standing up for what’s right and compassionate is to risk/live your life. Paranoid powers – gluttons and abusers like Herod – deeply resent social and political criticism, and prophets like John the Baptiser are undermined, ridiculed, imprisoned.
July 14, 2024/by Andrew Collis


REFLECTION: This is an exciting and challenging time for the SSUC congregation-community-garden.
July 13, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘Kin and clay … stories and spirit’

HOMILY: The Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) says that a person is both spirit and matter, eternal and temporal, and that despair (Kierkegaard’s word for sin) consists in clinging to one or the other.
July 7, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘Lasting fidelity and mutual affection’

HOMILY: My heart is like a singing bird ...
July 7, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘Death and Bleeding: Gaza and Israel in Mark’s gospel’

HOMILY: You will all be aware of the conflict that is happening in the middle west (middle east) at present. How could you not? 
June 30, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘This much at least … much more’

HOMILY: A poetic utterance by Jesus (in the context of friends troubled, bewildered) evokes all manner of settings. Rooms, mansions …
June 24, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘The beautiful shore’

HOMILY: A voyage to the other side may evoke curiosity, connection, communication; reaching out for help, overcoming confusion, affirming differences; transition, translation. 
June 23, 2024/by Andrew Collis

A treasury of prayers

PRAYERS: The following prayers, in response to “treasure” as a mark of Christ’s mission, were written by mission workshop participants on May 12, 2024 (Easter 7B).
June 18, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘Bread broken and given’

HOMILY: “[W]e must not seek Christ’s presence in the dense reality of unbroken bread”, writes theologian G.P. Ambrose (The Theology of Louis-Marie Chauvet, 2012). 
June 16, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘In praise of the Holy Spirit’

HOMILY: What Jesus says today about the Holy Spirit and about inclusivity/family can help us with our table talk about church repairs and future directions.
June 9, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘Stretch out your hand’

HOMILY: Our icon for today is a Byzantine mosaic which depicts Jesus healing a person with a withered hand. “Stretch out your hand,” says Jesus.
June 2, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘Love shared in the power of love’

HOMILY: “Perichoresis”, from the Greek peri, “around” and chorein, “to make room for” or “to dance” (as in choreography), is one of the oldest and most important words in the history of trinitarian theology …
May 26, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘The Unknown, the Not Yet, the Possible’

HOMILY: Today is Pentecost! The icon for this festival is known as the Descent of the Holy Spirit.
May 19, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘To safeguard the integrity of creation …’

WORKSHOP: This week each table group will read, engage and respond to one of the Gospel readings from Mark, or another reading that points us to what is truly of value. Each group will in turn, read, engage then offer the treasures found within.
May 12, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘All the while withdrawing from our grasp …’

HOMILY: Today is Ascension Day, the 40th day after Easter, which commemorates Jesus’ ascension into heaven and the promise of the Holy Spirit. One mode of revelation concluding, something new happening. We might reflect on letting go, starting again, seeing and feeling again.
May 9, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘An exchange of stories that just might change lives’

HOMILY: Our Easter liturgy has included the song, “You are the vine”, which draws from John 15. John’s Jesus is very much a di-vine figure, inviting all who see and hear him to join him in humility as One who goes to the cross, united with Abba God in redemptive suffering for the world.

“You are my friends”, Jesus says in today’s reading from the same chapter, “if you do what I command you”. 
May 5, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘Dancing Triangles: giving shape to faith, hope and love’

PRESENTATION: Thinking in threes is usually a good idea, not least as a means of overcoming binary thinking. In trinitarian mode, thinking in threes is ever dynamic, inter-related, more like dancing in threes. Thinking and dancing in threes means creating space, giving shape to faith, hope and love.
April 18, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘Mission in Mark: marks of mission’

HOMILY: I don’t know if you are anything like me but talk of the mission of the church makes me profoundly uneasy. I feel this uneasiness in my body. It feels unsafe. It feels like I might be walking into a trap ...
April 7, 2024/by Andrew Collis
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