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What’s on this week

NEWS: See what’s happening at SSUC this week ...
February 21, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘What do we see?’

HOMILY: What do we see? Jesus descending into the water … the River Jordan, remembered scene of safe passage – from a life of slavery to a life of freedom and responsibility.
February 18, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘Be my Va-lent-ine’

HOMILY: We enter Lent with humility … toward a death, toward the cross … in a community Spirit. 
February 14, 2024/by Andrew Collis

Ash Wednesday services – February 14

NEWS: Services for Ash Wednesday will be held in the church on February 14, at 8.30am and 5pm. All welcome.
February 12, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘Divine Voice, Body, Cloud’

HOMILY: Transfiguration is about seeing differently, seeing the Christ again/anew, and there are various ways to see the gospel for today.
February 11, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘Prayers for healing’

HOMILY: In the early centuries, the church developed a liturgy of exorcism as part of baptism. Candidates for baptism were questioned by the bishop, and the key question was: “Are you living your life under the fear of Rome/Empire, or are you turning toward the joy of Jesus?” A sign of the cross was then made upon the ears and eyes of a candidate, against the reinvasion of fearful forces.
February 4, 2024/by Andrew Collis

Learning about our leadership strengths: An invitation to participate

South Sydney Uniting Church is going through a time of change. Andrew is finishing his placement with us, there will be major repairs at the church in 2024, and we are starting to explore possible partnerships with other congregations. Understanding the gifts and skills of our leaders will be helpful at this time, to help us in our discernment for the future. We invite all leaders at South Sydney, and people newer to the congregation who might be interested in a leadership role, to take part.
January 27, 2024/by Miriam Pepper


HOMILY: Today is the first Sunday of our new year, 2024. We are also at the beginning of the season of Epiphany. For many of us this is the weekend to put away our mangers and take down our Christmas trees (if we remember).
January 7, 2024/by Andrew Collis

‘Steeped in tradition’

HOMILY: The figure of Anna (Hannah [see 1 Samuel]) is striking. Scholars surmise she is from a family of exiles (the northern tribe of Asher), scattered yet steeped in the traditions of Israel; steeped in the hopes of her people and culture. She expresses her love for Jerusalem, the Torah and the Temple in her continual worship at the Temple complex.
December 31, 2023/by Andrew Collis

What’s on this month

NEWS: See what’s happening at SSUC this week ...
December 28, 2023/by Andrew Collis

‘Let your peace be peace’

HOMILY: Our traditional reading for Christmas Day is taken from the first chapter of John’s gospel: “The Word became flesh …” We might think on it this way. A word becomes flesh when we really mean it and put it into practice. A word or value becomes flesh when it aligns with the life of a person or community.
December 25, 2023/by Andrew Collis

‘Reflections on love’

HOMILY: Today we are reflecting on love. It is the fourth Sunday and the last Sunday in the season of Advent.
December 24, 2023/by Andrew Collis

‘Reflections on joy’

HOMILY: Today we are reflecting on joy. It is Gaudete Sunday in the season of Advent. Joy. An ancient word with a deep tradition. We’ve remembered the shepherds who receive the announcement of joy from angels, we’ve lit a pink candle. Our bible readings point us towards joy and speak of it as a discipline ...
December 17, 2023/by Andrew Collis

‘Pointing a way’

HOMILY: In the course of his preaching, John said, “One more powerful than I is to come after me …”
December 10, 2023/by Andrew Collis

‘The Promised One is near’

HOMILY: Today is the first Sunday in the season of Advent. The Latin word means “arrival” or “coming”. On one level, we know that we will celebrate Christmas in a little under four weeks’ time. On another level, this can be a surprising event – for adventurous hands, hearts and minds. Faith is adventure.
December 3, 2023/by Andrew Collis

‘A thorny crown’

HOMILY: The icon by Kelly Latimore (see below) shows Christ framed/enthroned by the four evangelists. Some theologians suggest that the scriptures, the gospels in particular, re-present, or stand in for, Christ.

Today’s gospel presents Christ in the six-fold works of mercy: Christ who feeds (there is enough food and drink, of course, we just need for it to be blessed, broken and given freely and fairly); Christ who welcomes, clothes, comforts and visits …
November 26, 2023/by Andrew Collis

‘Oil of gladness, togetherness’

HOMILY: Our parable invites thinking about oil, light and joy. Poet-priest Ernesto Cardenal suggests we think of this oil in terms of community spirit … the oil of gladness, togetherness …
November 12, 2023/by Andrew Collis

No new coal or gas – care for creation

NEWS: Please Tanya Plibersek, stop approving new coal and gas projects.
November 8, 2023/by Miriam Pepper

‘Leadership qualities’

HOMILY: Our Orthodox icon shows Jesus washing the feet of disciples (a scene from John’s gospel). It’s about being kind (even amid difficulty and under stress). It’s about mutual service. It’s about equality – “encouraging, comforting and urging … lives worthy of God” (as the Apostle Paul says). It’s about bare feet and holy ground, hard traveling and “walking the walk”. And it’s about overturning expectations of honour and status.
November 5, 2023/by Andrew Collis

Act2 discussion

NEWS: Act2 discussion – Sunday 26 November after church service, 11:30am-1pm.
October 31, 2023/by Andrew Collis
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