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‘On salt and light’

HOMILY: “You are the salt of the earth,” Jesus tells his disciples, seated with him on the mountain, surrounded by crowds of people. “You are the light of the world.”
February 5, 2023/by Andrew Collis

‘The salt of the earth and the light of the world’ 

February 3, 2023/by Andrew Collis

‘What does God want?’

HOMILY: It is human nature to want guidance, to want a path to follow and to know the future. What does God want? And how do we know?
January 29, 2023/by Andrew Collis

‘A prayerful return’

HOMILY: Andrei Rublev’s 15th-century icon of the Nativity depicts five halos, five haloed/hallowed figures ...
January 1, 2023/by Andrew Collis

What’s happening in January?

NEWS: Worship services in January at the regular time of 10am Sunday. Other activities will resume in February.
December 28, 2022/by Andrew Collis

‘The interplay of divinity and humanity’

HOMILY: Christ comes … to shine a light on hostilities (toward the poor, the stranger, the most vulnerable) and to light the way of wisdom – hospitality, peace with justice … Christ comes to the anawim, the “have-nots” … as subversive and creative event. A peasant family is made holy. A young woman at risk of abandonment or worse is blessed … she bears the Promised One and will become the queen of heaven.
December 25, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Christmas Day – readings and carols

NEWS: All welcome, in the church and online, for a service of readings and carols on Christmas morning. Please note special time: 9.30am.
December 22, 2022/by Andrew Collis

‘A Josephite commitment to anyone at risk of shame or harm’

HOMILY: Saint Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556) was a Spanish reformer and founder of the Society of Jesus (also known as the Jesuits).

The spirituality he developed places great emphasis on the affective life: the use of imagination in prayer, cultivation of godly desires and generous service.
December 18, 2022/by Andrew Collis

‘To re-orient our lives’

HOMILY: The word peace, eirene in Greek, means to bind or bring together, to unite or set at one. Peace is the opposite of division or dissension. Peace implies health and wellbeing. We might also add: right relationship, harmony, community. It is one of the apostle Paul’s favourite words, used as a greeting or farewell and corresponding to the Hebrew, shalom.
December 4, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Prayer flags and cards

PRAYERS: Thanks to Anne for leading this activity at our most recent congregational meeting. 
November 29, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Weekly working bees

GARDEN TIPS: November – good to get a little done each week.
November 29, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Sharing our stories of hope

NEWS: Norrie, Miriam and Lyn gave a presentation at the Sydney Presbytery AGM in Glebe on Saturday November 26. The presentation included testimonies from members and supporters, as well as photos and a sung Lord’s Prayer.
November 29, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Cleffies Christmas Concert December 15

NEWS: The Cleftomaniacs (“Cleffies”) is an all-female community-based a cappella group. Their repertoire spans from the ’60s to the present. The concert will also include a carols sing-along.
November 28, 2022/by Miriam Pepper

‘An invitation to participate’

HOMILY: It seems a little easy to feel a little hopeless at the moment as we face yet another Covid wave; as floods affect homes, lives and water systems; as people continue to be persecuted in Iran for protesting the inhumane treatment of girls and women; as we hear of the ongoing issues in Ukraine ...
November 27, 2022/by Andrew Collis

‘Poetics of the kindom’

HOMILY: There are some things we can know regarding Jesus. At least three things ...
November 20, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Minister’s Report to Church Council (November 2022)

REPORT: Our recent pastoral care meetings made use of a case study on teamwork (short meditation and a reading from Luke 5:17-26). The case study inspired the following guidelines: (1) set focussed goals and timeframe for work together; (2) appoint and support the facilitator/convenor; (3) gather ideas from wide variety of options, select a workable number of ideas; (4) reflect on best practice, ask for assistance when needed; (5) assign roles and tasks clearly, with timelines; (6) review progress and process, offer positive feedback, acknowledgement and thanks.
November 19, 2022/by Andrew Collis

‘What can we do?’

HOMILY: For Luke, the new world will mean a new temple of some kind. Disoriented believers throw up their hands and cry, “What can we do?!” The gospel offers assurance – reach out your hands, join hands and ask, “What can we do?”
November 13, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Watercolour techniques – workshops

SATURDAY ART WORKSHOP: Our workshops on November 12 and 26 will be led by Carolyne Miller. The workshops will invite exploration of watercolour techniques.
November 11, 2022/by Andrew Collis

‘Covenant – promise, action, interaction’ 

November 9, 2022/by Andrew Collis

‘Life and how to live it’

HOMILY: On the altar-table (and on screen) we have an Icon of the Transfiguration. The icon shows Moses and Elijah “alive” with Jesus, just as Moses, in the Exodus passage about the burning bush, encounters the God of Sarah and Abraham, Rebecca and Isaac, Leah and Rachel and Jacob …
November 6, 2022/by Andrew Collis
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