Image: Abner with his euphonium!

Benedictions – Ordinary Time

Benedictions by Andrew, October-November 2022.

(Inspired by Psalm 66)

Sing the glory of God’s Name –
with all the Earth, give glorious praise!

May the blessing of God
whom all creation praises
be yours …

May the blessing of God
whose deeds on our behalf are wondrous
be yours …

May the blessing of God
who brings us to a place of abundance
be yours …

Now and forever …+ Amen.

(Inspired by Psalm 121)

Lift up your eyes and see!
Our God made heaven and earth!

Our God never sleeps.
Our God is our Guardian.

May God give you shade
and may God light your way.

May God be with you
as you come and go,
now and forever …+ Amen.

(Inspired by Psalm 65)

Stand before the One
in whom the farthest seas put their trust.

Sing hymns of praise to the One
who stills the roaring of the waves.

May this One answer your prayers
and deliver you from all fears …+

(Inspired by Psalm 32)

May God protect you from trouble
and surround you with songs of freedom.

May God show you the way to walk,
counsel you and keep watch over you.

Be glad in God and rejoice!
May God surround you with unfailing love …+

(Inspired by Psalm 145)

With every generation
meditate on God’s wondrous deeds.
With all creation
sing joyfully of justice.

God is gracious and compassionate,
slow to anger and rich in love.
God lifts up those who are falling
and saves those who are oppressed.

May this God bless you –
feed you and fulfil your desires,
hear your cries and watch over you
forever and ever …+