Silent meditation

MEDITATION: The roots of the World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM) lie in the desert tradition of early Christianity.
August 13, 2023/by Andrew Collis

Visio Divina – ‘Into the present’

MEDITATION: We note various connections with the psalm: the green light and green chair (vacant/welcoming), the (reflective) table, the cup, the checkerboard floor-tiles (darkness and light), the quiet/peaceful mood.
May 4, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Visio Divina – ‘Dreaming free’

MEDITATION: Alwy Fadhel was an asylum seeker detained for five years in the Villawood Detention Centre. His art consists of paintings made with instant coffee powder diluted in water. He was taught by an Iraqi detainee who had some knowledge of coffee art.
April 10, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Visio Divina – ‘Scorpion’

MEDITATION: Some of us experienced revulsion toward this creature – but Jesus’ reaction is one of possible kindness, some thought even sadness. We noticed that his hand is swollen – is that from the scorpion sting – a reference to the crucifixion?
March 13, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Visio Divina – ‘Webs and water’

MEDITATION: Latai Taumoepeau sees her work as “a continuation of what my ancestors did ... I'm continuing on in the way they used art to tell stories, to provoke thoughts, ideas and empathy”.
March 7, 2022/by Andrew Collis

Visio Divina – ‘Silent strength’

MEDITATION: Our meditation elicited various responses. We were drawn to the play of light across the land, and reflections on the lake or pool, and the way it morphed into what looked like flames on banks.
September 12, 2021/by Andrew Collis

Visio Divina – ‘An inclusive inn’

MEDITATION: When we meet for monthly meditation we follow various practices, including Visio Divina (divine seeing). This is a form of meditation that makes use of an icon, painting, photograph or scene. We usually allow an hour for the meditation.
September 8, 2021/by admin