Weekly working bees

GARDEN TIPS: November – good to get a little done each week.

August – action time

GARDEN TIPS: August – a rundown of the most important tasks.

Music for plants

GARDEN TIPS: Just as birds sing and the wind makes its own kind of music, humans enjoy making music – plants enjoy it, too.

Transplant a mature tree

GARDEN TIPS: How to transplant a mature tree.


GARDEN TIPS: After all this rain, you might notice you have more bugs in your garden. Mosquitoes and other pests thrive in the water – they breed and increase in number.

The value of worms

GARDEN TIPS: You can’t underestimate the value of worms. They make the best fertiliser, and keep the soil healthy.

Horticulture by correspondence

GARDEN TIPS: I’ll be fairly busy this year, studying horticulture by correspondence. The course is run by OTEN (The Open Training and Education Network) through the TAFE system.

All the money in gardening

GARDEN TIPS: All the money in gardening is in propagation, nurseries and landscaping.

Caring for citrus

GARDEN TIPS: Organic treatments are best when managing pests such as fruit fly. 

All the rage at the moment

GARDEN TIPS: Indoor plants are very good for the house because they put oxygen in the air and purify the air by absorbing toxins emitted by furniture and carpet.