Some Harlequin ladybugs, Harmonia axyridis, have black elytra with two large red spots. Others have two additional red spots backwards, or are decorated with a dozen small red spots. Conversely, there are ladybugs with red elytra, decorated with 20 black spots. All these ladybugs belong to the same species.
Photo: B. Prud’homme, J. Yamaguchi (


Chris says: After all this rain, you might notice you have more bugs in your garden. Mosquitoes and other pests thrive in the water – they breed and increase in number.

Not only do bugs disfigure and devour your beloved plants, they can also bring diseases such as malaria and Ross River virus.

What should you do? Empty any buckets, pots or saucers of water you may have lying around. 

Remove leaves and shoots with signs of infestation – prune back to healthy branches.

You can also wipe or spray leaves with mild soapy water.

And if you see any ladybugs, be sure to protect them from harm. They will eat other bugs and help look after your garden!