Worm cast has up to five times more nutrients than the surrounding soil.
Photo: photographyfirm/shutterstock

The value of worms

Chris says: You can’t underestimate the value of worms. They make the best fertiliser, and keep the soil healthy. 

Having some worms in the soil lets the water and oxygen in and the bad gases out.

If you have a worm farm, collect the manure and urea in a bucket. Dilute with water so it looks like weak tea and simply spray or sprinkle on the leaves and the soil. 

Most plants can absorb nutrients through the leaves, but soil is best for fertiliser.

The pH level of the soil is very important. Acid eats away (1-7) and alkaline is the opposite (7-14). There are good kits and meters available – check online or your local hardware store.

Every plant needs a different pH, check the label on the plant or look online. If you don’t provide the right pH, the plant can’t absorb the nutrients and will die.