Music for plants

Chris says: There was a greenhouse study on tomatoes that measured the effects of music on plant growth and health. The study found that tomatoes grow better when exposed to certain kinds of music. 

Plants are very sensitive. They can tell the length of the day. That’s how they organise their propagation. 

Just as birds sing and the wind makes its own kind of music, humans enjoy making music – plants enjoy it, too. It’s all rhythm and melody.

Perhaps it’s the vibration of sound waves that moves the plant. There’s always more to learn about horticulture. 

I’ve usually got the radio on in my place – Classic Gold FM, More Music 2UE, 2WS and 2CH digital. 

It seems classical, rock and some heavy-bass music inspire plants. I have my doubts about the benefits of heavy metal. Because plants are sensitive, I’m sure they’d prefer more sensitive music!