‘New faith, hope and love’

HOMILY: Andre Rublev’s 15th-century Icon of the Holy Trinity is a treasure of Russian art, a treasure of Russian Orthodoxy, and a treasure of Christian faith. Already we are thinking in threes.

What’s on this week

NEWS: See what’s happening at SSUC this week …

Pentecostal prayers

PRAYERS: Pentecostal prayers.

‘She will guide you into all truth’

HOMILY: The Jewish Pentecost (or Shavuot) is a celebration of the fruitfulness of the land, blessed by the sun, rain and “wind/breath” of God. It is also a celebration of God’s giving Torah (good teaching) to a newly liberated people – 50 days after the Passover, 50 days after the Exodus.

In the church, we celebrate how the Spirit or “wind/breath” of God has “in-spirited” human beings – Jews and Gentiles – to live “highly” of themselves. The work of the Spirit is that all creation, including human beings, radiate Christ.

‘Dove and fire’

HOMILY: There’s something about our text from John 14 that calls up ancient commentary. Perhaps it’s the promise of the Spirit, a wellspring of experience and testimony. The past recalled in present troubles – deep calling to deep (Psalm 42) – a call for help, a deeply hopeful calling …

‘Abba, Hokmah, Sophia, Messiah …’

HOMILY: Jesus says, “Whoever has seen me has seen Abba God.” Abba/Amma is Aramaic for divine source of life, God as loving father and mother of all. “Whoever has seen me – walked with me, talked with me, shared with me – has encountered God.”

Wisdom blessing

PRAYERS: The blessing of Holy Wisdom be upon you to inspire …

‘With sighs too deep for words’ 


‘A way in and a way out’

HOMILY: Jesus, John invites us to imagine, is a gate. The metaphor allows many meanings – its expression looms large (just the right size) at the entrance to SSUC, the handiwork of unknown miners and metalsmiths, as well as Cathie, Bernie and André … and soon to be spray-painted heritage green!

A toast to Pamela

NEWS: A toast to Pamela Briggs on the occasion of her 95th birthday.