Image: So much mulch! Chris, Jihad and Svetlana help to move the mulch to the back of the garden (photo by Andrew).

Weekly working bees

Chris says: It is good to get a little done each week. Over the past few months, a small group has met on Tuesday mornings from 8-10am to weed and plant, move soil and green waste away from the buildings, leave the garden and prepare for paving.

We let the hens out for a run while we work. They love it! Scratching in the soil, exploring the contours of the yard.

Svetlana has been amazing – cleaning out the coop each week and gathering the eggs.

Jihad and his friend moved the water tank (once we had drained it, of course). The tank will be repositioned outside the hall once the paving is done.

My tip? Always wear protective gloves when working in the garden – and a face mask is a good idea when handling soil and mulch.