We ponder the parables – good soil

PRAYERS: We ponder the parables. Old stones, rocks, dust … deposits …

Intercessory prayers

PRAYERS: Intercessory prayers.

Pentecostal prayers

PRAYERS: Pentecostal prayers.

Wisdom blessings

PRAYERS: The blessing of Holy Wisdom be upon you to inspire …

A toast to Pamela

NEWS: A toast to Pamela Briggs on the occasion of her 95th birthday.

Litany of contradictory things

PRAYERS: Disciples prone to boasts and betrayals: let them grow together …

Prayer for SSUC

PRAYERS: Thanks to Dorothy for leading this prayer at our congregational meeting on April 16.

Holy Week and Easter services

NEWS: All welcome for services in Holy Week and throughout the Easter season.

Ash Wednesday services – February 22

NEWS: Services for Ash Wednesday will be held in the church on February 22, at 8am and 5pm. All welcome.

Prayer flags and cards

PRAYERS: Thanks to Anne for leading this activity at our most recent congregational meeting.