Entries by Andrew Collis

‘What do we see?’

HOMILY: What do we see? Jesus descending into the water … the River Jordan, remembered scene of safe passage – from a life of slavery to a life of freedom and responsibility.

‘Divine Voice, Body, Cloud’

HOMILY: Transfiguration is about seeing differently, seeing the Christ again/anew, and there are various ways to see the gospel for today.

‘Prayers for healing’

HOMILY: In the early centuries, the church developed a liturgy of exorcism as part of baptism. Candidates for baptism were questioned by the bishop, and the key question was: “Are you living your life under the fear of Rome/Empire, or are you turning toward the joy of Jesus?” A sign of the cross was then made upon the ears and eyes of a candidate, against the reinvasion of fearful forces.


HOMILY: Today is the first Sunday of our new year, 2024. We are also at the beginning of the season of Epiphany. For many of us this is the weekend to put away our mangers and take down our Christmas trees (if we remember).

‘Steeped in tradition’

HOMILY: The figure of Anna (Hannah [see 1 Samuel]) is striking. Scholars surmise she is from a family of exiles (the northern tribe of Asher), scattered yet steeped in the traditions of Israel; steeped in the hopes of her people and culture. She expresses her love for Jerusalem, the Torah and the Temple in her continual worship at the Temple complex.

‘Let your peace be peace’

HOMILY: Our traditional reading for Christmas Day is taken from the first chapter of John’s gospel: “The Word became flesh …” We might think on it this way. A word becomes flesh when we really mean it and put it into practice. A word or value becomes flesh when it aligns with the life of a person or community.