Entries by Andrew Collis

‘Touch and other double sensations’

HOMILY: Philosopher Richard Kearney describes the sense of touch as double sensation – touching and being touched – a figure for much else, including tact, vibrant relation, interpretation …

‘Bearing noble witness’

HOMILY: Standing up for what’s right and compassionate is to risk/live your life. Paranoid powers – gluttons and abusers like Herod – deeply resent social and political criticism, and prophets like John the Baptiser are undermined, ridiculed, imprisoned.


REFLECTION: This is an exciting and challenging time for the SSUC congregation-community-garden.

‘Kin and clay … stories and spirit’

HOMILY: The Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) says that a person is both spirit and matter, eternal and temporal, and that despair (Kierkegaard’s word for sin) consists in clinging to one or the other.

‘The beautiful shore’

HOMILY: A voyage to the other side may evoke curiosity, connection, communication; reaching out for help, overcoming confusion, affirming differences; transition, translation. 

A treasury of prayers

PRAYERS: The following prayers, in response to “treasure” as a mark of Christ’s mission, were written by mission workshop participants on May 12, 2024 (Easter 7B).