Watercolour by Gloria Liang, inspired by Psalm 78.

Calls to worship

The calls to worship below were written by Pamela, Jane, Andrew, Miriam and James as part of a Liturgy Resource activity on December 19, 2021.

Pamela remembered this call to worship:

Jesus, stand among us
in thy risen power.
Let this time of worship
be a hallowed hour.

Inspired by Psalm 27

Let us wait on God.
Be of good courage.
God will strengthen our hearts.
Let us wait. 


Let us gather,
knowing and believing in God’s goodness.

This morning as we worship,
let us sing and make melody to Our God.

Do not lose heart but believe.
God is steadfast.


Take heart, believe.
God is faithful.

Do not be afraid.
God is our stronghold.

Bring your questions, doubts, struggles
into the house of God.

Inspired by Psalm 99

Exalt the God of love,
the God of justice, equity and promise.
Let us worship God.

The holy One is here.
Let us be filled with awe.

Cry out to Our God;
God responds to us.

Inspired by Psalm 132

Let us make a place of welcome and safety.
Let us make a place for God.