Gardener Chris Lodge in the Eden Community Garden.
Photo: Andy Corkill

Introducing Chris

This is the first in a series of gardening hints and tips.

Chris Lodge has been studying horticulture, on and off, since he was knee-high to a grasshopper.

He was brought up on a farm where his mother, Nancy, had a garden shed and huge vegetable garden. She later ran a nursery in Orange. 

Chris says: Mum was the first woman in Orange to be awarded a horticultural degree. She was recommended for an Order of Australia medal for her services to the Nurseries Association. She knocked it back. She didn’t want the publicity.

Chris says: You can’t do without gardens. It’s where our oxygen comes from. It’s where our food comes from, as well as just about everything else we need – fibres, minerals, medicines and more.

Trees are the lungs of the Earth. God created Nature, and I believe in Creation.

It’s a good thing that gardening is the most popular hobby in the world. It’s also great therapy.