Zamioculcas commonly known as Zanzibar gem, ZZ plant, eternity plant or emerald plant is a genus of flowering plant in the family Araceae. It is a tropical plant native to eastern Africa, from Kenya south to northeastern South Africa. Photo:

All the rage at the moment

Chris says: I like the gardening show on 2GB, Saturday and Sunday mornings, 6am-9am, with Graham Ross.

Ross also hosts Better Homes & Gardens on Channel Seven, Friday nights at 7.30pm (there’s a very good magazine by the same name).

Indoor plants are very good for the house because they put oxygen in the air and purify the air by absorbing toxins emitted by furniture and carpet. 

Be careful not to over-water indoor plants. Ensure good drainage. And potted plants require more fertiliser than plants in the ground. I recommend organic fertilisers like Seasol, or fish emulsion, or rose food.