‘We pray for healthy cycles of water, carbon …’ Fig tree with aerial roots, Redfern Park.
Photo: Andrew Collis

Benedictions – ‘Create, become, together’

The following benedictions for Ordinary Sundays in June-August, 2021, incorporate the mission motto: “Create, become, together.” Andrew is working on a new set of benedictions inspired by an alternative mission motto: “We pray, we serve, we grow.”

Amid commotion, suffering, mocking laughter (within and without), faith calls to faith. How might we create space for this? How might we become attuned to this? How might we do this together?

As you come and go, as you walk together, create space for appreciation and trust, for observing emotions, patterns. Become more attentive to the world around you, the people around you, the rocks, trees and animals. Become kinder. Rest in creativity. Rest in the power that brings together all that is useful and all that is good.

And so, we lament. We write, sing and dance – review, protest, create. Aware that every strong and hopeful word (including the Word of God, of course) is hard won (words become flesh become words become flesh), we celebrate together what is good and noble.

Create in us a heart for mission. Touched by the beauty of Christ, in whose Spirit we pray for pastoral touch, for tact, may we become more sensitive to need, alive to possibilities for healing. May we walk in the ways of Wisdom, and may we encounter Wisdom together.

Let us create space for generosity. And may Jesus bless our offerings. Let us become, like Christ, compassionate and wise. And may we know the true benefits of God’s blessing. Let us walk and work together. And may love exceed our expectations.

We pray for Wisdom that directs us beyond immediate needs and shallow pleasures. We pray for healthy cycles of water, carbon, production, consumption – giving and receiving hospitality. Praying together, we become more attentive to all. May we help create a safer and more sustainable community.