Wax resist and watercolour

Our workshop on April 22 will be led by Yvonne Hocothee. The workshop, 12-4pm in the church hall, will invite exploration of wax resist and watercolour techniques.

Yvonne says:

  • The technique involves doing the drawing in wax using oil pastels or just a regular candle, either white or coloured.
  • If using a white pastel or candle it’s best to faintly do the drawing in pencil first as a guide, then wax over the drawing.
  • You can then wash over the drawing with one or more shades of watercolour – the waxed areas will resist the paint (as in batik dyeing if you are familiar with the process). You can use any colour of oil pastel but the lighter colours get the best effect in a simpler artwork.  You can fill some areas with the wax, not just the outline.
  • For a more ambitious piece you can use a variety of colours of oil pastel outlines and watercolour washes.
  • For visual interest you can employ the complementaries, eg. fill with yellow where you have a purple outline (other complementaries are green/red and orange/blue).
  • A still-life arrangement will be set up for you to follow but you can use whatever images you want – fishes, plants, leaves, flowers, shells, landscape, figures, etc.

All welcome. Lunch provided. Gold coin donation.