Image: Artwork by Anna Kovic, 2022.

Second workshop in June

Next workshop: Saturday, June 25, 12-4pm. We will meet in the church hall (56a Raglan St Waterloo) and online. Our teacher will be Catherine.

June 25:
Catherine says: Midwinter already, and gardens are looking very droopy. My idea for this workshop is to brighten them up by making our own garden – for use either indoors or outdoors.

The image below will explain all I hope.

You will need to collect suitable sticks which will involve a walk around, and otherwise you will need a variety of things, for instance:

wool to make pom-poms
coloured string
pipe cleaners
whatever you think will work
and acrylic paint

Good luck finding sticks. I will collect some sticks as well as bring some ribbon and beads. Any contributions for general use gratefully received.

Join via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 833 5169 4085
Passcode: 794011