Image: Jane Hogan

Orchard-inspired artworks in March

Next workshops: Saturday, March 26, 12-4pm. We will meet in the church hall (56a Raglan St Waterloo) and online.

Yvonne Hocothee will lead the workshop and lessons will invite participants to create orchard-themed images for application to fabric.

Join via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 833 5169 4085
Passcode: 794011

Yvonne writes: Andrew and Catherine suggested an excellent project for us – creating a design for a t-shirt based on the idea of “orchard” (as in Orchard Gallery).

As such you have total freedom in choice of medium – pastel, watercolour, acrylic, stencils, collage – whatever you fancy. I think a square format suits this idea best, say 300mm x 300mm, on watercolour or any sturdy paper. I’m sure you’ll design something terrific!

These works may be the basis for an exhibition. Our new Orchard Gallery website will have a white, black and ultramarine colour scheme. Possible t-shirt colour is blue (ultramarine), which may influence the choice of colours in your design.

See you on Saturday!