New website – for storytelling, sharing the work

We are excited to launch our new church website – an inclusive platform for storytelling (the story of our parish and people goes on) as well as a means of sharing resources and inviting participation in diverse ministries.

We welcome enquiries and feedback.

A big thanks to Susan McDonald who built our first church website and maintained it for more than 10 years. Her contribution has ensured a rich archive of resources – homilies, liturgies, reports and more.

In recent months Anne Camac has uploaded homilies each week, and kept our Covid-safety notices up to date.

Thanks to all who have helped imagine into being our new site, including Catherine Skipper, Claire Chehade-James, Norrie, Pamela Briggs, Cathie Harrison and Miriam Pepper.

The new site was designed by Rob Young at Gasoline Group in Redfern.